Orphaned Baby Elephant Moyo's Amazing Rescue

Here’s to interesting times. While we all love to see the cartoon cute baby elephant or other creatures on screen, not many would expect one to be in the room. Yes, this is a possibility as it happened for real. Moyo, a baby elephant had received a new leash of life when rescue workers saved him from drowning just four days after his birth. Since then, Moyo has been living with a lady named Roxy. She is Moyo’s owner and is into wild animal rehabilitation for some time now.
The Antics Of The Once-Baby Elephant

Here's To Baby Elephant Moyo
Moyo on bed

Now that the elephant has grown up, the house seems to have been messed up. From knocking over house plants to grabbing things off the kitchen counter, this elephant sure knows how to rock!
Not just that the elephant actually can stick in a spoon into his mouth! Well, the funniest bit is when he pees on the floor. The elephant is no longer a baby anymore. He is grown up and his owner indeed has a lot of patience with him! Watch the video of baby elephant creating ripples at home. You will now know why this has gone viral!