Only Girls Will Understand These Pictures

Only girls will understand their own pain. That’s what my mom says to my dad. That’s what I have heard from the specimens of the other sex. It was only after an enlightenment session, I was able to get the bottomline of the travails of women. I was overwhelmed by the infinite problems every girl faces each day of her life. Sigh, being a girl is so much of a hassle, that most of us cringe under the weight we have over our shoulders. What are those problems, you inquire.
After a long interview and months of survey, I have stumbled upon the secret. Men and boys of this age, don’t feel bad if you are unable to understand what’s hidden in these pictures. That’s because you are men. But I am sure all girls will understand the secret in the pictures. We are sure only girls will understand these images. We all are sure about it.

1. Your hair tie is the partner you hang out with, still you loathe it!

Only Girls Will Understand 1
Hair Tie Marks