Oh No – There’s a lion in the park – What happens next

Well, what would happen when you see a lion in the park? Yes, I said – a lion. No, I’m not kidding. Oh my God, run for your life. Run hard, yes I said it’s just behind you. Run faster, it is going to sink its fangs in your big, fat buttock. He likes meat, and you are a big piece of flesh. The lion is smacking his tongue, when he thinks of your ribs or tenderloin.
What, you’re gonna have a heart attack. Hold on before you have a cardiac arrest. Just listen to what I have to say otherwise you are really going to end up dead. And it’s not the lion’s fault
Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 5.20.22 PM
It’s a prank, did you say? Well, it could be. Why don’t you have a look at the funny video and decide whether it’s a lion or something else.
Ready to be freaked out? Watch out