Oh Dear! You won't believe the reasons these employees were fired for!

Getting fired from your job can be a stressful experience. But getting fired for a dumb reason could make the entire situation not only stressful but also frustrating. The following people were fired for strictly dumb reasons. Have a read and leave in the comments any ‘dumb-firing’ tale that you know.

Fired for not smiling enough.

Kerry Westfield, a waitress at a French restaurant in Paris was fired from her job in 2014 for the reason that she was not smiling enough. Her employer stated that Kerry was serving the customers in the best possible manner but she was just smiling a little less than expected. She was asked to leave the job after just being there for two days. How ridiculous! How do you calculate someone’s smiling numbers.
fire 1

Fired for stopping a robbery.

Devin McClean worked at an automobile company. One day the store where he worked was being robbed by a robber. In defence he pulled out his personal gun to scare away the robber. What do you think his company did to him? No, they did not reward him, but fired him two days later.
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Fired for committing a serious act of humanity.

Dianne Brame worked at a school cafeteria. She was fired from her job when it was discovered that she was giving free meals to a needy student. The student could not afford the food and was going without it, so Brame stepped forward and helped this student with a meal. Widespread protests followed Brame’s firing, so she was offered her job back.
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Fired for sending emails with words typed in colour red, in bold and in CAPS.

Vicki Walker, who worked as a financial controller with a corporate in Auckland, New Zealand was fired from her job in December 2007 for sending emails with words typed in colour red, in bold and in CAPS.
Her company claims that emails with the red, bold and the CAPS letters were not perceived as harmonious by other staff members. However, later on she won $17,000 in a legal proceeding against the unfair sacking.

Fired For doing The Harlem Shake dance.

Now who could guess that a ‘Harlem Shake’ dance could get someone fired? Well, it has! About fifteen Australian miners shot a video of them doing the Harlem Shake in the mine that they were working in. The video went viral on the internet and it caught the eye of one of their employers at upper management. The company immediately sacked the miners for violating the safety rules in the mine. Here’s the actual video.


Fired for not apologising for a victory.

We have all heard news of sports team coaches getting fired when their team under performs in the matches. However Micah Grimes who was a basketball coach at girls’ high school was fired when he refused to apologise for his team’s brutal 100 – 0 victory over a team of kids with special needs. The school authorities quoted that a score like that was not ‘Christ like’ especially when the opposite team consists of kids who have learning difficulties like dyslexia.
fird win

Fire for doing the Gangnam style parody – the Life guard style.

Who could forget the most watched video on youtube – the Gangnam Style. Fourteen life guards from California state were sacked from their positions after their parody video names – Lifeguard Style got viral over the internet. Apparently, their employment was restored when it was made clear by the 14 life guards that the entire shoot took place in their off hours and it was just meant for light entertainment.


Fired for wearing formals on a casual dress up day.

Emily Holly, a Londoner, was fired from her job when she turned up at work in the formal uniform on the office’s casual dress up day. She had just been working for the company for few weeks and had not become accustomed to new company’s rituals. We guess her former employers were strictly formal about the ‘casual’ day.


Fired for wearing orange.

Wearing orange to work got 14 employees fired from their positions at a Florida based law firm. The orange t-shirts had been worn by the employees of the law firm as their pay days, i.e. Fridays for a few months. The law firm had acquired a new management team and the team was unaware of such tradition of wearing orange on Fridays. The management perceived the wearing of orange by the employees as a protest against the new management, and hence they fired all the employees who wore orange to the work.


Fired for eating too many donuts.

Virali Modi worked for Dunkin’ Donuts. Her manager had directed that it was acceptable for the employees to eat some donuts. But she was fired from her job when her manager discovered her with around twelve munchkins. We guess, she flexed the acceptable limit too far.


Fired for getting hit by a car.

A teenage New Yorker working as a barista in a cafe was fired from his job in 2014 for surviving a car crash. Apparently, he used to ride to his place of work on his bicycle. On one fateful day, while he was riding to his work place he was hit by an oncoming car. The impact from the accident landed him on the grass planted right by the side road. Though his body did not suffer any bruises from the fall, but his white shirt got tainted by the grass. Upon arriving at work (obviously late) he described the entire scene to his manager. But instead of wishing him for his well-being, the manager fired him from arriving late at work and for wearing a dirty shirt to the work.

Fired for saving someone’s life

In the year 2012, Tomas Lopez – a lifeguard was fired from his job after he had saved a drowning man on the beach. He worked for Jeff Ellis and Associates (a lifeguard company) at Hallandale Beach, Florida as the life guard. During one of his shifts he had to go 1,500 feet out of his designated zone  to save the life of a drowning man. The drowning man was pulled out of the sea waters and was immediately carried to the hospital by the paramedics. But as soon as Tomas had finished off filling in the incident report form, he was fired by the company for leaving his designated zone. The company received sharp responses from the general public, media and its employees, upon which the company offered the job back to Tomas. But Tomas turned down the job offer.