Odd/Even Plan- Day 3 And 4… Click To Find Out What Went Wrong

Though the Odd/Even rule got implemented on January 01 (read about it here), it was brought to its real test later on Monday, when people had to return to their offices after an extended weekend. Needless to say that the reviews were mixed, but the results are overwhelming, and this overwhelm is contained with joy and smiles on the faces of the muffler man and his team.

As already told here, the rule did well on the first day of the implementation, though it was a Friday and a lot of offices were off due to the hangover people had because of the New Year’s Eve. A similar trend followed the very next day, which also remained kind of a partial decision maker by the Delhiites as Saturday was also off for most of the offices.

But nevertheless, Saturday was an improvement as compared to the great efforts of Friday as well. Many more volunteers with roses in their hands for the violators came down on the roads and starting awakening the people who didn’t want to follow this rationing rule. But the best part is the awareness among the people, as the number of violators remained meager as compared to the large number of drivers in the region.
The rule was exempted on Sunday, which seemed to be joyous for everyone. People who didn’t even want to get out of their house in their cars just took it out for a ride to reminisce the feeling of driving their vehicle on the extra-crowded roads of Delhi. The real test that the streets of Delhi had to face was the Day 3 of the rule, that is January 4, 2016. This was the day when ALL the offices of the region had to open after the prolonged weekend, and people, just because of the fear of excessive crowd in the public transport system, would get bound to bring out their cars.

But Monday also did just fine. It was an even day, that is cars with number plates ending in an even number were to be allowed on the streets. With a fear of witnessing excessive number of violators, Delhi police as well as many AAP volunteers got down on the streets to spread awareness and catch the violators. But to their surprise, the number of violators were still less. So far, about 500 people have been issued a ticket for violating the rule, and they will have to pay the hefty fine of INR 2000.

Considering the large population of the city, things did seem smooth until a few evil minds, or should we say, some of the people who were against AAP, or just supported any opposition party, came forward to spread some rumors. There was an outburst of century-old pictures displaying crowded metro stations. Though on a later stage, it was clarified by many news channels as well as other authorities that the viral photographs weren’t of the present day whatsoever. They were ages old and were those of rush hours.

MD of Delhi Metro came forward to inform that metros are running smoothly and there is no disruption in any service.

There were ministers seen riding bicycles to work. Many of them went for the option of carpooling. Not only ministers but many volunteers also came forward to spread awareness about the carpooling system. The official “Poochh-O” app, which gives the locations of nearby autos and also inspire carpooling, got thousands of hits in a single day.

But nonetheless, cab services like Uber and Ola remained out of order during the peak hours. Some of the apps started charging Surge prices of as much as 3 times the normal price.

It has also been said that from now on, Hidden Cameras will record all those who are breaking this rule, and tickets will be issued against these violators.

But if the purpose of the launch of this rule is considered, then it can be said that there has been a substantial decrease in the traffic as well as pollution level of Delhi. The roads that didn’t have room for a pedestrian during peak hours of a Monday seemed to be ample for riding a Panzer, and the cars in parking of various firms also seemed to have a substantial fall. It won’t be wrong to say that the Odd/Even rule is fulfilling its promise.