Now You Can Turn Water Into Ice In Seconds

If we say that now you can turn water into ice, by just flicking your fingers over it. Would you believe us? No, we are not freaks and we are not joking either. Well, we know you would think that transforming water into ice instantly is something you would only see in a superhero comic as it really unrealistic in real life. But you really need to see it to believe it.

Turn water into ice
Turn water into ice

All you need is purified water as it doesn’t have any impurities or particles so the molecules have nothing to latch onto unlike non-filtered water which is full of impurities that cause crystallization process to occur.
Place the bottle of purified water in the freezer for exactly 2 hours and 45 minutes. You will see the water in the bottle is still liquid but it is actually cool down to a temperature well below freezing. This is because purified water can be supercooled to -40 degrees before it freezes. Once the water will hit the open air or come in contact with a piece of ice, it will turn into ice.

You can take a bowl full of crystals, slowly open the bottle and start pouring the water into the bowl. Whoa, Magic. You can add some flavours of your choice and enjoy your newly invented recipe.
It’s time to be a superhero. Take out your favourite hero’s costume and let other know what you are capable of.
turn water into ice