Now I Understand Why Dogs Spin Before They Poop!!

What? Did I hear right? This is what the real truth behind the spinning? No you are making a fool out of me. You are not lying? Come on – tell the truth now. What, you never lied to me? Okay then I am going to share the reason about dog spin before pooping in the blog post.
If you are wondering what I am fuming about, then listen to this. It might sound ridiculous, but here is the truth about the dog spin before they poop. There have been multiple theories about this but nobody has come up with a sound reasoning. Some said, it was something that all the canidae might have been doing in the past. Others say, dogs love to level the ground underneath them, so the revolving ritual is performed to make a padded ground, so that the surface particles do not stick to their abdominal region. Grass and dust could make them uncomfortable while lying down.

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The Old Reason of Dog Spin

Some have related this habit to the hygiene regimen which they have been following for a few millennia. It helps the urine and faeces being spread farther from the spot where they sit or it could be a marking habit, so that they could label their territory.

The New Revealation about Dog Spin

But now a new concept has emerged. This story has been attracting a lot of scientists as being the correct explanation behind the weird behavior of the dogs. It is called magento-ception. Now this sounds interesting!
Magnetic Sensing or Magento-ception is a phenomenon which helps birds fly south in winter. It is the same with dogs. Research has revealed that dogs prefer to poop in the north south direction and actively avoid pooping in the East-West direction.

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They spin from North to South, and mostly during daylight. Times when the magnetic field was disrupted, like during Solar flares or during full moon; dogs were less picky about the spin direction while pooping.
Now that’s interesting. With all this information, I wonder whether I too should use a compass to locate the North-South direction before dropping a load.
What do you all have to say about it?