No Matter What Happened,You Should Be Thankful To Your Ex For These Things !!

Talking about our generation, I guess we all have had some pasts, isn’t it? Past of course made up of good, bad, sweet and bitter instances. Pasts remind of us our Exes most importantly right? People we were one close to? People who once meant everything, people who taught us love and ironically people who made us feel pain.
Relationships end but if you see the positive side of it may be you can trace some good things or may be some positive change that happened in your life because of that messed up relationship and because of that EX being an ex today, you certainly feel thankful to them.
Here are things you should be thankful for to your Exes-


For making you understand INDEPENDENCE


They left but you know what? They made you understand how important it is to be independent. Their absence made us understand how at the end one has to be one’s own hero and maybe no one’s existence is a vow. One has to be independent and know how to take care of one’s own affairs.