Newlywed Father Harvey Kills Himself In Car Crash

A newlywed father of two got killed in a car crash in the New Forest region of Hampshire. The incident came across as a shock because it was only seven weeks before the crash that Darren Harvey got hitched to wife Becki. The 25 year old is said to have committed suicide, if current investigations are to be believed. The car he was driving was a Ford Puma that sped up to 60 miles per hour and directly headed into a fire engine.
Newlywed father, Darren Harvey got hitched and seemed to have planned a long life with his wife. However, it has to be noted that he was a victim of childhood trauma and had been living with a number of inner demons. Becki, his wife recounted how Harvey said that it would be great to die doing something you totally love, just few minutes before hitting the road.
He also ignored his wife’s request and pleas about not to letting him go with his Puma. Becky even smashed on the car window fearing that Harvey might be up to something. After all his words seemed to have a sense of déjà vu associated. However, the newlywed father swiftly dashed away and told his wife, ‘Just let me kill myself, I can’t cope, I hate my head.’
The Fatal Crash 

Father - Harvey's family
Harvey’s Family

The inquest at the local; Winchester Coroner’s Court in Hampshire, saw all footage on the camera from the fire engine’s dashboard. This showed that Harvey’s car simply veered mindlessly in middle of the long road. It then hit the engine, that wet towards the right side of the road. The road was not well lit and there was greenery around. Harvey had not even been wearing his seat belt. The newlywed father died on the spot as soon as the car rolled over.
Father - Accident spot
Accident spot

Harvey was a car mechanic  professionally and had a passion for cars too. However, he had also tried to end his life earlier as well. He seemed to have undergone severe depression in the past and even resorted to means for solving his anger management issues.’
His wife said: ‘He couldn’t cope with the demons in his head. ‘All he would say was he wasn’t good enough for anyone, he was a bad dad, he was a bad fiance, he was a bad mechanic, everyone would be better off if he wasn’t here.’
It seems like after all these thoughts and the pressure cooker situation, Harvey simply could not take inn the lows when Becky refused to go to a movie with him. Of note is the fact that Harvey did call his dad in law and asked him to care for Becky. This happened before he went away in his Puma.
The Memories Of Harvey
Becky quipped: ‘He just kept saying’ just let me kill myself, I can’t cope, I hate my head but he was the kind of person who would always be there for anyone in need. ‘Darren died just seven weeks after our marriage – we had planned a long and happy life together, and I will honor him by keeping his memory alive and ensuring that his sons know what a fantastic person he was – I will always be there for his boys as they grow up. ‘We also want to thank the fire officers, who without hesitation, thought of Darren first and foremost.’
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