Neerja Would Turn Out To Be A Blockbuster

Neerja' Review: Go And Watch 2016's Another Blockbuster Now !!

Neerja, image source: YouTube
Neerja, image source: YouTube

Neerja is a movie that has been keeping me waiting. Well, from all the crap that from Bollywood has been haunting me for a long time. Apart from Airlift, I haven’t had the courage to walk in the theater, all thanks to the stereotypical content that has been pelted out to earn cash for the producers.

It is a biopic about Neerja Bhanot, who got shot while rescuing the lives of hostages. Believe me, you won’t stop crying. It is loaded with tears and heartbreak. In fact, I still feel morose about it.

Neerja Is Director Ram Madhwani’s Masterpiece

It narrates the last two days of her life. The story line has been paced just right. In fact, you get drawn into the screenplay, feeling the pangs of terror. You can exactly make out how being a hostage feels like. It still gives me a lot of jitters.

The only fact you cringe about is that she couldn’t even turn 24. Just two days shy of her birthday, gross!

The film doesn’t waste a lot of time in getting into the groove. In fact, the way the film starts is just like you start your day. The realism is unmistakable. Advertisement

The film setup is actually infested with terror. The environs of terror has been simulated well. We see the hijackers brutally put down any hint of resistance. In fact, the people who are playing the parts of the terrorist have played their part with authenticity.

Neerja Movie
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What About Sonam Kapoor’s Performance In Neerja?

Sonam takes some time to get under the skin of the character. But when she does, she does it bang on. The lead terrorist is absolutely terrific. He looks like a real terrorist. I bet he must have taken some training for his part (pun intended). Not all the moments in the movie are convincing, because I felt that they were not optimally placed, but they were not out of place either.

All in all, it is worth many watches. A classic after a long time, I say. I am going to rate it higher than Wazir. Make it a point to visit the theater, for this movie deserves to be in the 100-crore club.


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