Nayan Pancholi- A Pan Am Passenger And His Encounter

Neerja Bhanot Was Our Hero, the Country’s Pride and The People In The Flight Were The Witness To The Incident.
Year 1986, An inauspicious day for the world, lead to the unfortunate death of many including Neerja. The Brave Woman who fought to save the lives of 360 passengers on the Pan Am Flight that day.
India’s Laado has now been reincarnated through the prayers and respect of people from all walks of life. All Thanks to Ram Madhavani and his movie “Neerja” which was a tribute to the beautiful and brave young woman.
Today, Many survivors of the attack have come forward to talk about what happened and how Neerja came forward to save our country’s pride by punching terrorism in the face. Today, the whole nation is talking about the 1986 attack.
Nayan Pancholi, one such witness has finally come forward to tell you what happened on the unfateful day. An Indian Musician was on board when this horrifying incident took place. He along with his troop was the witness to the hijack and saw people die in front of his eyes. He survived the attack, but lost his eye when the terrorists threw a live grenade on him.
His story will bring chills down your spine.