The Nastiest And The Deadliest Tornadoes To Be Recorded In Human History

No matter how much advanced the human race may become, there is just no way we can escape from the it’s wrath. For when nature strikes, you can run but you can never hide.
Tornadoes are one such event when nature decides to unleash its havoc upon mankind. And some countries are much more unfortunate when it comes to experiencing the worst and the deadliest tornadoes.
These 25 tornadoes are the deadliest to be ever recorded in history of mankind.

1. Daultipur and Salturia, Bangladesh (1989)

This is by far the worst tornado in the history of mankind to be ever recorded. The tornado was classes as a F5 tornado, which is the highest in the tornado measurement. Everything ( living & non living ) that landed in the path of the tornado was destroyed by the fury of the tornado, amounting to a unknown amount of financial damage.
Death Toll : 1300

Worst Tornado In History
Worst Tornado In History