Myths About Marriage!!! Click To Find Out

Marriage undoubtedly is one of the biggest decisions of an adult. Whether to marry or whom to marry are questions of the hour. But the divorce rates shows us that we are not skilled enough to take this decision. So here we bring to you the most common myths about marriage.

Marriage is not a cake walk. You all have seen your parent’s marriage and consider it as an example and try to even surpass them in terms of love, compassion and support. We see our parents and make our own beliefs and myths about marriage.
But the truth unfolds when you really live with the person and experience all those myths about marriage yourself. So these are the truths which we should adopt immediately.

  • Difference in Thoughts

We may come across some couples who think like each other but this happens to be a rare case in long run in marriages. Difference in thoughts is quite common among couples as different personalities have different perspective towards life. There are always certain issues which you will never agree on with your partner.

Even happy couples have difference in thoughts but they surpass these myths about marriage
Difference in thoughts

Though a successful marriage needs more than just attitude. You have to compromise on things which really matter in your relationship. Because respecting each other’s views is equally important in marriage.

  • You can’t Control Your Partner

When you marry someone you start to think that you “own” your partner and he/she will do everything as per your wish. You start to take your partner for granted instead of making efforts for a loving relationship, so that your partner can feel loved.

Common myths about marriage include that you own your partner
Controlling your partner

So point to remember that he/she is the owner of their own will and you can’t make them please you. You should treat your partner as an equal and try to help them with their dreams and needs. Love is all they need as an individual and appreciate them for who they are.

  • Love is Not Enough for Perfect Marriage

We all think that love is all you need in a relationship. But do remember that excess of anything is bad and while love is an essential element for a strong relationship, there’s more that goes into it.

People have myths about marriage that love is what a successful marriage needs.
Love is not enough

What else which marriage requires is understanding between you and your partner. For this you may need to spend quality time with your partner and know them personally. So that you both can work on complementary aims in your journey of life.

  • Marriage will NEVER get you eternal bliss

Most of us agree for marriages because we think that it’s high time and it will bring joy in our life. Well we all hope for this but the sad truth is life will never be the same, Happy or Sad we don’t know.

common myths about marriage include thinking that marriage is eternal bliss.
Ingredients of perfect marriage

Try to build your relationship on love, care, and respect. This is all you and your partner need for an effective relationship.
When couples believe these myths, they might resign themselves to an unsettled life. So the key to success is connect emotionally with your partner and create a confident tie with them. Emotional frankness and the skill to show affection should be there with intimacy in bed.
A successful marriage means debunking all myths about marriage
Successful relationship

The only perfect thing in marriage is the photo-shopped wedding pic.