My Mom Said Chapel Was The "Perfect Feeding Ground" For Evil. It Was A Bargain With Satan.

I was ten years old. I lived in Liverpool, England and I was a pretty normal child with good friends and a loving family.
My Dad had been admitted to a hospital for a leg surgery. My mom and I went up every day to see him. The medical staff used to let us stay during visiting hours which was around two hours. For the first two days I would sit near Dad. But how much boredom could a ten-year-old handle? Needless to say, I had to look at other options before I could actually manage to eke out to find things to entertain myself.
I did not know what I was getting into.
I was restless. I wanted to explore and would find new spots in the hospital. Normally, these places had nobody around. So I was free to be on my own and do whatever I liked.
I came across a chapel in the hospital. If you have lived in Liverpool, you will know that the Royal Liverpool University Hospital has a huge chapel.
It also has a wind pipe organ. During one of my expeditions, I had found it. The organ held a secret passage that would only open if you played the right tune. Of course, some of it was a figment of my own imagination.