He Tried To Shoot Her That Night. You Will Be Shocked To Know The Reason

And there he was…lurking in the trees, holding a gun, saying that I was Satan’s and he had been chosen to deliver me to hell. He had to kill me.

You must have grown tired of “Scary Pizza Delivery Stories”. So now we have a new series of frightening stories for you. These stories belong to the niche of Crazy Boyfriend/Girlfriend stories. I am sure they will spark your interest and catch your attention, breaking the monotony of pizza delivery stories.
Here is the nightmarish anecdote of a girlfriend whose ex wanted to deliver her to Satan.
“Quite a while ago when I was in college, I was in relationship with a guy. He was fine, until he “found Jesus”. He quickly went crazy, and would come out with stories that the demons were talking to him. He claimed they were buying weapons from our friends who looked shady. He would fantasize about how he would hurt people and gradually he became incredibly controlling and physically abusive. He nearly killed me a few times.
Needless to say, I got the fuck out of there. After a few threats and crazy behavior, he finally left me alone for a while and I thought that was the end of it all.
But that was not true.
I was heading to the dorm after a meeting one night, when I decided to pass it and go to the students union. It was down the street and I wanted to have some ice cream. As I passed the dorm, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and thought I saw somebody in a white shirt duck behind a big sign board. I kept walking, listening carefully. I heard something move and I looked around again. There, a person his size, staring at me, hiding behind a tree. I couldn’t see anything, but it really looked like him.
I was mildly freaked out by then but I walked a little faster. I would hear the occasional footsteps and the breathing behind me, but I didn’t dare stop.  All that I knew was that someone, probably him, was there. I knew he had a gun, and he would likely put a bullet into me given a chance. He was that psyched up and upset that I dared to break up with him.

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I walked up to the union and got the ice cream I wanted and I sat there in the store, eating it, unwilling to go back out into the unlit street, in case it was my crazy, armed ex.
I still hadn’t mustered the strength to go back when my phone buzzed. My heart started beating wildly, and it beat so hard, I was afraid it would rip through my skin and fall off, when I read the message. It was from some of my friends, a sweet couple. They were walking way behind me, when they saw something. It alarmed them enough to text me. Your ex is walking on the streets, they warned me. The message was followed by a call before I could even text back.
“Where are you? Your ex is prowling around here near your dorm. He was coming back from the direction of the union. I think he had a gun. Was he with you? What’s going on?” Panicked, I assured them I had not been with him but was being followed by someone who looked like him. I was at the Union, too scared back to go back alone. They practically yelled at me to stay there and not to go anywhere. They were on their way.
A few minutes later, they came into the Union, breathless, eyes wide, asking me why he was by my dorm and what had happened. This is what scared me the most. My friend’s boyfriend, who is a black-belt in Karate, was frightened and coiled up in some sort of attacking stance and was looking around, frantically, afraid that my ex would appear with his gun. They told me they were taking me back to the dorm and calling the cops. They sandwiched me between them and walked me back to the dorm as quickly as we dared.

My friend’s boyfriend yelled into the dark, that my ex had better not try something. I let the two of them in my dorm and then in my room. The two of them put on a frantic call to the police, explaining them about the situation at hand.
As we peeked out of the window, facing the street and the sides of the dorm, we noticed a figure lurking in the darkness. There he was, ducking in and out of the trees, with something shiny in his hand, looking up to my window. It was his gun, and the metallic glint was clear enough to tell us what was going on in his mind. All three of us shuddered at the scene.
Suddenly, I noticed him looking at me. Our eyes locked, and I saw rage in them. I froze there. I knew he was there to kill me. My friends had foiled him. He quickly turned and ran away through the trees.
Lo and behold, there were sirens wailing, breaking the silence. They combed the area and caught him a few hours later, with a .22 in his hand. He confessed that he wanted to kill me if he got a chance, but didn’t want to take potshots at me with my friends there.
Apparently, since I had broken up with him, I was given away to Satan. It was his duty to make sure I died and went to hell. Of course, later, he went to jail, then to a mental hospital.
I moved out of the dorm a week later. I just couldn’t live here with the thought that he would break out and come after me again. I got some of my cop friends to lookout for my friends, until they moved out. I was never really the same after that. I was so afraid and paranoid for years after that.
Nowadays, I can go out and about without any fear but I have nightmares about him staring at me from the trees, gun in hand and rage in his eyes.”
Now, isn’t this story terrifying?