Murdered Kids Ghosts Still Haunt This Infamous Tower of London !!!

Debates and discussions about ghosts and God never bring in a fruitful solution, but nevertheless, they remain a few of the most favorite topics to ponder upon. Discussion about ghosts resemble those of demons at many levels, but still a large chunk of population is just not ready to accept the fact that such creatures or a life after death can exist. There have been numerous proofs that these ghosts roam around us and still, people remain skeptic. One such incident is of the Tower of London, a considerably famous landmark. Source:

Christine Hamlett, a decently renowned psychic artist, claimed to have photographed the ghosts of the Princes that seemed to have approached her. She claims that as soon as she entered the premises of the tower, an eerie feeling filled her up, leading her to think that something fishy was going on in the premises. She believes that the ghosts showed themselves around the anniversary of when they were last spotted, that is in the month of August.

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The story behind this infamous Tower of London dates back to 1483. Edward IV of England allegedly married to Elizabeth Woodville and had two sons, Edward V and the young Richard of Shrewsbury.  After the sudden demise of Edward IV, Edward V was proclaimed to be the king along with his uncle, Richard III named as the Lord Protector. Things were going smoothly, until it was said that the sons were illegitimate subject to the invalid marriage of Edward IV and Elizabeth. At that time, Edward V was 12 and the young Richard, 9.

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When the coronation of Edward V was to be done, the uncle, Richard III, took the throne for himself and the kids were never seen after that. This led to the rumors that it was Richard III who killed the Princes, which more or less seemed to be the only possible explanation of the advent of events. Soon after in 1484, karma hit Richard back when his only son died. His rival, Henry Tudor, soon became the claimant of the throne.

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For ages the ghosts of the two young kids have been witnessed roaming in the premises of the tower. It was in the late 15th century when a few guards passing the staircase came across a couple of shadows gliding down the stairs. A chest containing the skeleton of two young children was also found in 1674, which gave more fire to the rumors.

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Christine believes that she tried to communicate with these kids in the August of 2015. Many photographs were clicked by her at the time when she tried having the conversation. It was after that when she was going through the photographs in her computer that she came across a teenage boy, walking along the tower with his head bowed down. She believed it to be a photograph of one of the spirits among the two allegedly murdered kids, though she still is skeptic if their uncle murdered them. It is also said that the renovations going on in the tower has disturbed the calmness of these ghosts, which has provoked them roaming around in the castle looking for solace.

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Whatever the case might be, these photographs do prove the existence of ghosts around us. And for those who don’t believe in their existence, this is one of those solid proofs that would allow them looking for other such mysterious stories and instances.