Mother Was Shocked When She Saw Her Child In Sac

1. When the OB/GYN got late!

The act of transformation from a wife to a mother is already amazing, and this photographer made it even more amazing for the couple as well as for himself. Award-Winning birth photographer, Robin Baker, was called in by a couple to capture the special moments of the home birth that the wife was going to undergo. But when the wife, or the transformed mom, started going into labor, the gynecologist was still on the way.

Mother: Beginning
The gynecologist got late

2. The Twins

The couple was expecting twins, and they might have panicked when they found out that the doctor was getting late! But to everyone’s amazement, they didn’t get tensed or worried. Having a first hand experience of being home birthers as they already had their first child at home, they were prepared for the twins to be born that day.

Mother: Twins
They were expecting twins

3. The unusual second birth

The couple told that they had a 30-minute bonding time, which was actually the lag between the first and the second child’s birth. But when the second child started coming out, something unusual was observed. The fetus, or the child, was still in an unbroken amniotic sac.

Mother: Amniotic Sac
The second kid was still in an unbroken amniotic sac