Most Evil People The World Has Ever Seen!!

Everyone on this Earth’s surface is not the same. If there are a few good people, there will be tens of people compensating the goodness of the honest. But the extent to which these people were ruthless and inhumane mark their names in dark words in history. Mass murders, rapes, diminishing a particular religion, and making world an extremely harsh place to live, were the aims that these people followed. But nevertheless, the opinions differ from person to person. Some believe that the reason for which, they took the lives of others in their hands is completely justified, while a lot other normal people believe that there were other ways to make things fine. Despite of everything, here are a few of these most evil people that ever existed.
Everyone has a different perception and a totally different point of view! One person might be considered great by one and hated by others. Adolf Hitler and Kim Jong-un are a few examples! So, no judging please!

10. Vladimir Lenin

Evil: Lenin
Vladimir Lenin

Once the head of government of Russian Republic from 1917 to 1918, he was the evil guy due to which, the term Leninism was devised. Originally a Marxist in his rulings, Russia became a one-party Communist state under his rule, but the worst had yet to come. When the Leninist theory started prevailing in the Russian empire, there were varied rules implemented! Leninism was actually a political and economic theory originally derived from Marxism. Imperialism and other such forced measures were taken along with an emphasis on genocides, politicise, etc. Needless to say that this caused a huge disruption in Russia, as well as laid its evil effects on the world!

9. Emperor Hirohito

Evil: Hirohito
Emperor Hirohito

The ruler of Japan from 1926 to 1989, he has been a symbol for utter respect that comes from within the people of Japan. But he is not that respectable of a figure for the Chinese, Indonesians, Koreans, Filipinos, or pretty much any other country or person of the world. In his rule, he demanded killing of countless number of people not native of Japan. He also ordered every Chinese war prisoner to be killed. Hundreds of thousands of women were sexually assaulted. “The Rape of Nanking” massacre also led to death of thousands. People were forced to work for the Japanese military. Millions of people also died of diseases, while thousands other were frozen in his rule!

8. Maximilien Robespierre

Evil: Maximilien Robespierre
Maximilien Robespierre

Known to be one of the most influential figures of the French Revolution, he played a major role in The Reign of Terror. Though the mid-school history books teach us that he worked for the betterment of France, the turn of time didn’t take long. There was a time he talked about rights and freedom of the people of France, but when he became the leader, he became a tyrant. Beheading people became his evil hobby. The 10-month reign of terror that he created witnessed thousands of executions which included killing of numerous aristocrat families along with his friends. About 40,000 witnessed their deaths in prison in his rule, and this number included the death of King Louis XVI. But as we know, Karma always hits back, and thus, in 1794, Robespierre himself was guillotined without being given any trial.

7. Genghis Khan

Evil: Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan

Many people don’t know who he was, but everyone is familiar with the name. Genghis Khan had been a violent lad ever since his birth, might it be because of the hardship he had to face in his family. His father, who actually kidnapped his to-be mother and forced her into marriage, was poisoned by the enemies when Genghis was just 10. It seems that after the incident, he got pretty violent and even killed his brother on a petty issue. This violent kid grew up to be an evil ruthless dictator and a killer of about 30% of the net world’s population at that time. The killing of about 15 million people of the Iranian Plateau was cherry on top for him. His natural death in 1227 sent a sigh of relief for everyone.

6. Mao Zedong

Evil: Mao Zedong
Mao Zedong

This guy had high hopes for China back in 1943, when he started his dictatorial rule in China. Even the local residents thought that a change for good will happen, but little did they know that rigorous painful torture was waiting for them. Instead of turning China into a powerful country, Mao welcomed the greatest famine and genocide ever witnessed in the history of mankind. Economy fell, terrorism prevailed and millions were being executed in his rule. People were forced into labour camps, and were utterly beaten up or even executed if they didn’t do their work properly. The fear rate was so high that people preferred committing suicide than facing this guy!

5. Ivan

Evil: Ivan

Popularly known as Ivan – The Terrible, he was an evil Tsar of Russia, and has been accustomed to cruelty right from his childhood. He treated life of people as a thing to mock upon, which is why, executing or murdering someone was nothing big for him. He used to throw cats, dogs, and other creatures from top of tall buildings, and even started murdering right in his teenage. This evil ruler destroyed numerous villages, made people homeless, and killed millions of these homeless people along with other rulers, friends, and even his slaves. The methods of execution included the person being beheaded, disemboweled, impaled, and a few were even fried, which he used to watch mercilessly. Women rapes were common, and the bodies of the deceased were used for target practice. Eventually, the terrible did die while playing chess, most probably because he had been poisoned.

4. Pol Pot

Evil: Pol Pot
Pol Pot

How would you feel if your right to eat has been taken away from you? Sounds weird, isn’t it? Pol Pot, who for a brief period, was the Prime Minister of Cambodia and wanted to destroy the civilization of the country he ruled, did take away the right of the people to consume food. People had to starve for days while forcibly working for him in canals, with water up to their necks, and their feet and hands swelled up and bleeding. They were not fed, and instead, were not even allowed to eat anything. They had to resort to drinking human urine and become cannibal, and if they were found doing so, being buried alive awaited them. Pol Pot executed about 1to 3 million people, which formed about 33% of Cambodia’s population at that time. IN 1998, he himself died of natural causes.

3. Adolf Hitler

Evil: Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler

This evil guy needs no new introduction. Though he has been placed at rank 3, but the deeds he performed in his reign created an aura of terror and violence all around Germany. Though he was an intelligent guy and a great leader, but the fact that he hated Jews and didn’t even treat them as human beings made him the worse human being there could ever be. Though he didn’t like any other person who disagreed with him, or didn’t vote for him, Jews always remained his main propaganda. The concentration camps set by him took the life of hundreds of thousands of Jews from Germany as well as from other countries. In all, he killed as much as 11 million people in his rule, after ultimately shooting himself in 1945.

2. Vlad Dracula

Evil: Vlad the Impaler
Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula

This guy remains the second most evil person on the list not because of the number of people he killed, but because of the means and methodologies he used. Vlad was the prince of Wallachia for 3 times, and during his reign, he didn’t spare one. He was amused by the killing of the people, which is why; his last name has been rendered to be Dracula. The impalement methodologies he used for killing people included the insertion of a not-so-sharp stake into the buttocks of a person, and the stake was immersed too deep that it came out of the mouth piercing all the internal body organs. He made sure that the stake wasn’t too sharp, so that he could enjoy the person being tortured for hours or days. He used to perform the same act on children as well as animals. He even used to smash heads of people on to solid walls, and would drink human blood. He killed 20% of Wallacha’s population, before being decapitated in 1476.

1. Joseph Stalin

Evil: Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin

Dictatorship was defined by this leader in his 30 years of reign, which became a phase of black-out for Soviet Union. People saw horrifying deaths in the time he ruled the Soviet. It was a tough road for him to reach such a height, but after reaching his position, he became a ruthless, merciless, and a paranoid dictator. Needless to say that people who voted against him were assassinated. People were forced to work to death. He was a kind of guy that killed the families who loved him, or treated him as God. Torturing others was his favourite deed. A famine hit the Soviet in his rule, which killed about 10 million people, and Stalin did nothing about it. In fact, when the World War II hit, he forced the prisoners to fight for the Soviet, and if those prisoners came back alive, they had to spend the rest of their lives in jail. Before dying in 1953 from a stroke, he had already killed about 50 million people.
These evil characters have impregnated a dark mark on the pages of history. Though what has happened can’t be undone, but reforms can be made. It can be made sure that no such leader rise to power, and as a matter of fact, such an amount of power must not be laid in the hands of one person.