Modern Indian Man Doesn't Mind These Things

4. Working Late Hours…Yes I Mean At Night. No Issues

How late in the night the taxicab drops you home doesn’t decide your character as a lady. We’ve transcended the societal standards of what is “refined” and what is most certainly not. All things considered, a ton of us, in any event.

modern Indian man
Working Late Hours

5. We Don’t Mind The Clothes You Wear

We do understand that there can be no avocation to attack and assault, and most unquestionably not the length of your skirt. Your garments are absolutely your decision and we give you full independence for being sufficiently sensible to judge what to wear and when.

Modern Indian Man
We Don’t Mind The Clothes You Wear

6. We Won’t Be Offended If You Pay The Bill

Dates aren’t about who pays what. Neither would our manliness feel undermined on the off chance that you need to take the guiding wheel. Truth be told, we appreciate simply sitting alongside you don’t doing anything, pretty much as we adore driving ourselves! F**k responsibility, both man and woman are born equal.

Modern Indian Man
Paying The Bill Is A Man’s Responsibility