Modern Indian Man Doesn't Mind These Things

Modern Indian man is coming out of his shell these days. He is not orthodox and possessive about his wife any more.
Not intending to put down the grave issues close by in regards to victimization ladies in the nation, however the extent to which the issue has been examined requires the flipside. The Indian culture might have been running on patriarchal standards till now, yet things today are changing for good.
India might be a perilous country for you ladies out there. Men today are a great deal more sensible, delicate and aware of ladies. Modern Indian Man is not a wimp any more.

Here Are Some Things The Modern Indian Man Doesn’t Mind Anymore

1. Virginity Does Not Matter

We wouldn’t think any less of you since you’ve engaged in sexual relations with somebody before us. Nor would we put you on a platform in the event that you’ve ‘spared yourself’ for the one. We no more think that respect lies in your you know where. Virginity is not even a theme of talk any longer.

modern indian man
Whether The Woman Is A Virgin


2. We Are Cool About Your Past Relationships

For whatever length of time that you’re steadfast, honest and unwavering to us, it doesn’t make a difference what number of individuals you’ve been with some time recently. We have been seeing someone ourselves and have exited when things didn’t work out.

modern indian man
They Are Cool About Your Past Relationships

3. Taking A Booze ? In Fact, We Would Love That

In the event that it’s alright for us to drink, it’s the same for you either. We’re totally alright with ladies drinking, the length of they do it capably and be protected.

modern indian man
Taking The Booze