Men's Secrets While They’re Dating

Well, before I write this post, I would caution all the women who are interested in opening it. Men don’t really have any big secrets. Men’s secrets are not interesting either. So if you thought you are missing out much by reading this post. Don’t bother. If you end marrying up this guy, then its your game and your orders.

Even We Spend A Lot Of Time On Dressing Up

It’s not that you girls only spend a lot of time on makeup and dresses. That doesn’t mean that we have simply put on what we find first. There’s a lot of brainstorming which gives us a casual yet cool look.

Men's Secrets
Men Take Time To Dress


If A Woman Doesn’t Show Up On A Date, Then We’re Dead

If you have promised to come on a date, then make sure you live by it. If women don’t show up on a date, we are far worse than dead. Why? That’s because we spent the whole time imagining how wonderful the evening would be with you. That would not only mean a broken heart, it would be hours of brooding. Remember what happened to the Beast when Beauty didn’t visit him for a few days?

Men's secrets
If You Don’t Come On A Date


We Researched A Lot On What We Would Talk

Now why do you think we do that? It’s because we have a lot of guy friends. On a date, we don’t want to bore you with all the sport updates and make a klutz out of ourselves. So prim and proper research is carried about your likes and dislikes before we make it to a date.

Men's secrets
We Research A Lot Before A Conversation


We Will Not Say Yes First – That’s Biggest Of Men’s Secrets

Even if we are naturally born leaders, when it comes to women, men will never say yes for something first. That’s because we are plain nervous, and you do not need to laugh about it.

Men's secrets
We Are Nervous Before We Say Yes


We Friends Also Share A Secret – It’s Only That You Don’t Know

Yes, even we discuss it all with our friends. But it’s not a heart to heart conversation like you do. We call it a soldier’s strategy to win the enemy’s fortress.

Men's secrets
Our Friends Know All About You


We Care About You Too

If you don’t believe us, then what are we meeting for? A fencing duel?

Men's secrets
We Care About You