Your Memory Will Never Fail You Again- If You Just Follow These Tips!

But worry not! Just follow the following tips and make your memory sharp as a knife.

  • Get proper sleep:

    Getting proper sleep regularly is a necessity for human body. The brain repairs and strengthens the connection between neurons while the body is asleep. It also filters out any unnecessary information during this time. It is a vital mechanism of the body that should not be ignored too often.


  • Exercise

    Researchers have proved that exercising, specially doing cardio, at least three or four times a week boosts the retention power of brain. This happens as the increased heart rate enables a better blood flow to the brain, which in turn leads to the release of a protein that builds long term memory.

  • Work those brain cells:

    Brain is like any other muscle. It needs to be exercised frequently to stay in shape. So the next time you are reading the newspaper,  grab that crossword, or solve the Sudoku puzzle. There are also several apps present in market that you can download and play some brain games.


  • Eat healthy: 

    All those almonds, walnuts, blueberries and  leafy greens, your mother force fed you are actually proven to be great memory boosters. In fact so are any Omega-3 rich foods.

  • And drink too:

    Researchers also believe that consumption of alcohol in moderation also helps with the memory in long run. A glass of wine a couple of times a week can take you a long way.                                                                                                  

  • Be a social butterfly:

    Make time for friends, meet new people, join a club, become a volunteer. Human interactions and having a strong support system is beneficial cognitively. So the next time you think about boosting memory, call or meet a friend and make some new ones.                                                                                                                                                       

  • Get a pet:

    Having an active pet like a dog and spending time with it also counts as a social interaction. They give you exercise, they make you happy and are the ultimate stress

  • Learn something new:

    That pottery or language class you always wanted to take was actually a great idea. Learning a new skill and trying to master it has proven to have a positive impact on brain’s retention capabilities. 

  • Meditate: 

    Meditation improves concentration and builds focus. It is also known to reduce stress, and cure anxiety and even clinical depression. All in all it is a great practice to maintain your mental health.


  • Laugh and be merry:

    Laughter is said to be the best medicine. This holds true for the brain health as well. Laughter engages the entire brain and activates even the dormant cells. Also happier people have a better brain health. So kill the stress catalysts and aim to be a happier person.