Man Saves A Woman's Life And Leaves A Note

Humanity is that emotion most of us humans don’t relate to nowadays. With increasing crimes and decreasing good will the faith in humanity is dipping down. When someone tries to help we see them with suspicion, this has become the human tendency. Evil taking over people don’t trust over the existence of the good, selfless people but the people with a golden heart are still out there, standing out for others always.
This is the story of Tom which has reintroduced our faith in humanity.

Ellie Farnfield being another average woman was returning home waiting for her train on the station on another usual evening.

Everything was fine until this happened.

All of a sudden she had a seizure. The poor lady was shaking on the ground of the crowded station. No one volunteered for help, everyone was busy minding their own business.

Until one brave heart came to the rescue.

The one man who decided to help is known only as Tom. He made sure she was all right, and alerted train staff. He was late for an appointment, so he couldn’t stay, but he did leave a note behind.