Man Raised 51000$ By Just Shaving Beard

What if you’ve not indulged in shaving beard ever?
There are so many things that are dear to us. Our personality, our habits and our appearance. After all, everybody has the right to look presentable. It’s a part of out personality. So why did this man decide to shave off his beard which he had been devotedly growing since the 1970? That too in front of thousands of people. There must be a big reason for him to take such an uncalled step.
This “Man” from Newfoundland raised 51000 USD with his effort. There must be a big reason behind  this charity. If you want to know then read on. I know your mind is racing with a lot of questions popping out of your brain.
First of all, let’s try to explore who this person is? He is a pretty popular face. His name is  Ralph “Boonie” Lethbridge. He has a friend, Larry who is suffering from a disease. This disease is called Alopecia Areata in medical terms. In simple words, it means that the adults start losing hair due to a mistaken attack by the immunity system of our body on the hair follicles.
Though there are other visible symptoms, but the one which is most evident is the hair loss. Hair forms a major part of our appearance. It leaves the confidence of the person shattered.
This event attracted a large crowd and the required amount was raised. While Boonie is ecstatic about it and says his wife will find a new man, Larry is in tears. After all, who wouldn’t break down on such a sacrifice from his best friend? Great Job Boonie!
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