This Man Hated The Jews All His Life, Look Who His Son Grew Up To Be!!

There are times when hatred can drive us crazy. In fact, the hate that exists between two entities is always responsible for annihilation of humanity. Be it two people or two clans, enmity is always responsible for a total wipe-out of human beings(look at the Jews). The aftermath is infinite tragedy. Time after time, we vow not to repeat the same mistake. But with the passage of time, we forget our follies and engage again in the destruction of mankind.
In this post, you will read the story of a man who faced a lot of hardships. He broke down and started tormenting his family. It maligned the relationship between him and his father. The man would constantly flog his son for his mischief and outspokenness. The son and the father were both strong-willed. Neither would lay down arms in front of the other. The relationship began to deteriorate.
Who was this man? He was Alois Schicklgruber was a pensive and bitter man. Born in archaic Austria-Germany, he spent his childhood in modest surroundings. He was mocked and jeered by other kids about his illegitimacy. Being called a bastard at a young age is quite terrible, especially when you do not know what to do. He was an innocent child who had no clue who his father was. The only male he was close to was his uncle. But he was always suspicious whether he was his father. This tormented him further.

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As he grew and married, he loved to romp down the ambitions of his wife. He had a bunch of children, most of who died in infancy. However, of the ones who lived on, the eldest one was quite stubborn. Vindictive as Alois was, he would constantly flog his son.  He would punch the young child and hit him with his belt.
Why would he mete out such a dreadful behavior on the child? One, because the child was quite active around the whole house, and second, he would always be involved in scuffles. This would irritate Alois, who was an Austrian Civil Servant with tons of work. Second, he never had enough money to feed his family and for their ambitions.  He tried to earn money with several attempts at side businesses of various kinds. However, Austria was full of Jews who were quite industrious and offered products and services at lower prices than traditional Europeans. He failed miserably many times. Further bitterness grew in his heart. And yes, he was still a bastard.
Third, he suspected that his wife was involved with a Jew. Oh how spiteful these Jews were to his wife! He too became unkind to his wife and elder son who he thought was not his child. However, there was one bright incident, he was able to prove paternity, with three witnesses and changed his surname to Hiedler.
He would flog his son harder with severe beatings and he would curse the Jews. This feeling embedded in the mind of the young child. This was the only thing the father and son could relate to and this was the only common bond they shared. Oh how they both hated the Jews. They both craved to kill all the Jews in the world.
But it was too late by then. His son had become wayward. His son wanted to become an artist, but he imposed technical education on him. The son escaped from his father clutches and lived on the streets. After the boy’s mother died, the boy took to the streets and became involved in nationalist movements and then joined the military. After rising several ranks, he became a politician and then a dictator. The innocent soul was now a ruthless dictator. He slew millions of Jews in his lifetime.
Do you know who this boy was? He was the Nazi Dictator, Adolf Hitler. How one small feeling changed the course of the world! Sad!