The Man Who Cycled From India to Europe for love

Childhood of Mahanandia, as he remembered, was not a pleasant phase of his life. He born into a weaver family in 1949 and grew up in a village in the eastern state of India, Orissa. He was a Dalit, who are placed at the bottom of India’s caste hierarchy and are considered as untouchable in the society. He often faced discrimination all his student life from the upper-caste students. Though his family was not amongst those who can afford education, but he managed to get admission at the College of Art in New Delhi. It was here when his talent quickly spread and became popular.
On the other hand, Ms. Charlotte belonged to a noble Swedish family and was a studying in London at the time when she met poor Mahanandia.
In his interview with the BBC, he said that it was “love at first sight.” During their first meeting, they were drawn to each other like magnets. It was his inner voice that told him that she is the one. He said that had no idea what compelled him to ask these questions and invite her for tea and was afraid of her lodging a police complaint against him. But to his shock, her reaction was quite the opposite.

India to Europe for love
PK Mahanandia

Ms. Charlotte told the BBC, “I thought he was honest and wanted to know why he had asked me those questions.” After several meetings and conversations, she agreed to come to Orissa with him. She became emotional when she first saw the famous Konark Temple as she had the image of this temple framed in his room when she was a student in London.
Soon they started enjoying each other’s company and fell in love. They returned to Delhi after spending a few days in Orissa. Despite their contrasting backgrounds, they got married. He remembered how she managed to wear a sari when she met his father for the first time. With blessing from his father and family, they got married as per their tribal tradition.
India to Europe for love
Marriages are made in heaven