The Man Who Cycled From India to Europe for love


India to Europe for love
A true Love Story

It all started when the 19-year old Ms. Charlotte Von Schedvin visited India as a tourist in 1975. She spotted Mr. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia in Delhi’s Connaught Place area. Mahanandia has made a name for himself as a sketch artist in the area and was enjoying a good reputation in the local press.
Charlotte got fascinated and was full of curiosity by his claim of “making a portrait in 10 minutes” and hence she decided to give it a try. When the sketch was completed, she wasn’t impressed with it and decided to come back the next day for another portrait.
India to Europe for love

The next day to her dismay proved no better. When asked why he was unable to sketch her portrait, he told her that his mind was pre-occupied with a prediction made by his mother several years ago, when he was a kid. Whenever his mother realizes that he is sad, she would tell him that one day he would marry a girl from a far away land, whose zodiac sign would be Taurus, would own a jungle and would be musical.
So whenever he starts making her portrait, his mother’s words would flash inside his mind due to which he was unable to concentrate on his work. When he asked her whether she owned a forest, Charlotte replied that it is true that she owns a forest, is musical (fond of playing piano) and her zodiac sign is also Taurus.
India to Europe for love
Mahanandia & Charlotte