Man Bites Off His Son's Nose And Gave The Most Foolish Reason

The world has seen many kinds of love, but there is something about the unconditional love of a father towards his ward, and there is nothing more gratifying than that. But here a man bites off his son’s nose that too because he won’t stop crying.

A man has been charged for biting his son’s nose off in Fairfield, California. The peculiar thing is he bites off his son’s nose because the 1 year old toddler won’t stop crying. Police arrived at the place after the baby’s mother complained about the same.

Man bites of his son's nose
Joshua L. Cooper arrested.

The toddler was then sent to a hospital where head trauma was observed. Doctor’s reported that the child had a fracture skull and his nose is partially broken.
Man bites off his son's nose because he won't stop crying.
Cooper and the injured baby

Although the baby is now in stable condition but the father has been arrested and filed under child cruelty. A man who bites off his son’s nose can do any harm to the society in anger.
We can all pray for the child and may justice be served to the toddler and his family who are suffering from this trauma.