Make Your Someone Special Fall For You

Your body and it’s movements speak louder than words. This also helps you in fooling or impressing someone special, so why not use them on that someone special and make them fall for you? Remember, body language is no science, it is rather researched field, by the experts.

1. Smile When They Approach
This is one sign that ensure you are happy and excited to see them, but make sure you don’t smile like an idiot. Don’t make a quick smile, that disappears quickly. A warm smile will be okay to go with. Also make sure, it should not look fake and your eyes replicate your smiling face.

2. Make Eye Contacts In Between The Conversation
Do not look too deep, you may look like a psycho, a little peek every now and then will be good. This makes the person believing that you are actually into them, as in you are paying your full attention.

3. When Listening To Them, Nod, Smile And Sigh
This is one way of telling the person how interested you are in them and the conversations. Listening to someone’s stories is also a good way of telling them that you are interested and making gestures like nods and sighs, it makes you look involved in the stories and their voice.

4. Touch them, gently and out of affection
Touch their shoulder while laughing, put a hand on their shoulder or touch their arm, but don’t get too glued. Keep a distance and keep it close. It has to be balanced, too much closeness shows you are imposing on them.