Maggots Ate This Dog's Face But He Did Not Give Up On His Life, What Happened After 3 Months Is A Miracle!!

2016-01-30 (5)
Want to see something that will make you think again? Then have a look at this video where a dog had grown back its own face. You still don’t believe what you read? Then read on to know a bit of detail. You will be simply amazed on hearing the dog’s story.
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This is a story from India. Kalu, a black street mongrel was found in a pit, abandoned and all alone. When the animal care workers brought it out of the pit, they were extremely shocked on seeing the dog. The dog’s appearance was hideous. The dog simply had no face. There were no eyes and no nose cavity. In fact there was no nose at all. The dog looked despicable and demonic.
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There were maggots in the missing portion. Of course, they had eaten the whole face. Now they were gnawing on the rest of the tissues. If the dog wasn’t given immediate medical treatment, it would end up dead in a few days time. Fearing for the worst, the animal care workers took swift action.
At the animal care center, they found out that the condition of the dog was far worse than imagined. The animal care workers thought it would be better to spare the animal some torture. They prepared themselves for the dog’s euthanasia. There was a minimal chance of taking out the whole maggot population. But they decided to take a chance on it. Slowly and painfully, they extracted all the maggots after sedating it.
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Wonder of Wonders! The operation was successful. The dog took the meal after three days, and voila! its eye grew back. Within some time, its face grew back. However, the other eye was missing. Still it was a superb recovery.
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In the video, you see it playing with the animal care workers. Have a look at the video and remember it to share with your friends also.