Love Coffee ? But How Much Do You Really Know About It.15 Coffee Types You Must Know.

Different types of people prefer to drink different types of coffee. It’s pretty obvious. And it’s probably the most “flexible” drink too, right ? I mean, you can have it any way you want. You can take it black, or maybe put some chocolate into it, and even whiskey if you got some. Name one beverage that can do that.
The point being that there are lot of choices available when it comes to coffee and if you are a coffee enthusiast, looking to widen his/her knowledge of the beverage, look no further.
For we have prepared a list of 15 types of coffee and how the’re made. So that the next time you are asked to place your order at your local cafe, you can place your order confidently.
Lets get started.


This drink is a base for many beverages. But only true lovers of coffee prefer this drink as it is is prepared by brewing coffee beans in hot water. Does not taste pleasant when taken for the first time.
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Created by American soldiers looking to find a way to make their coffees last longer during the war era, Americano is basically an espresso with a much higher quantity of hot water.
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The most widely consumed coffee, a Cappuccino is created by a perfect blend of an espresso and milk.
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