Look Out For These 10 Diseases Which May Have A Eye On You This Monsoon.

Monsoon has knocked the doors of our houses, so its time to pull your pants up. We shouldn’t forget monsoon related infections while enjoying yummy delicacies, “the pakoras with hot tea”. Make your way to a healthy living while kicking the diseases which can deter you from a vigorous lifestyle. You must know that there are some communicable, some are not.

Here are the ten most prevalent epidemic which can contaminate your healthy lifestyle.



It is caused due to unhygienic conditions, snacking on messy fast foods. Diarrhoea Weakens the digestive system. So gorging on street food might end up as frequent visits to the toilet.


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“Its breeding and feeding time” for mosquitoes. Malaria is a common disease which causes, headaches, muscle pains, shivering and fever. It’s important that you should keep your coolers clean and try to avoid any kind of waterlogging which can become a breeding place for Female Anopheles Mosquito.



Dengue is one of the most deadly fever, which can result in a person’s death. It is caused by a dengue mosquito also known as ‘tiger mosquito’. Rainy season is the best time for them to terrorise the surroundings. Body aches, Joint pains, vomiting, rashes are the symptoms of Dengue.