Little Boy Saved Baby Sister By Calling 911

It is extremely dangerous to feed solid food to toddlers. There is a high probability that the child could choke on to the food item. One should avoid those food items which could cause choking. Pretzel, Cheetos or Cookies need to be fed to children when they have proper teeth in their mouth. 911 gets such calls all the time.
Six-year old Cole Stephens did not think for a moment before he dialed 911. His seventeen month old sister, Bailey was choking on a pretzel. It was a scary for him, but he didn’t lose his head. He led the emergency team to his home
John Stephens, the father gave the kids their evening snack. Bailey shoveled the pretzel quickly and an uneven piece lodged on to the side of the larynx. John was shocked and lost his cool. He screamed to Cole, who was nearby to call 911. Cole was as cool as a cucumber. He dialed 911, talked to the operator, gave them a fist hand report of the situation to his home and delivered the address to the operator.
Within minutes, the emergency team had reached on the spot. John had removed the pretzel from Bailey’s throat. The rescue team gave the necessary treatment. Then they congratulated Cole for his bravery.
Fire Department and Police Authorities in the area have been conducting seminars to educate the kids for emergencies. They were ecstatic to know that the message was getting through.
Cole is beaming after the incident. He was hailed as a hero, and about forty people have shaken his hand from the day Bailey was saved, he says proudly to others.