List Of Best Hotels For Your Dream Vacation

Now that we are in a mood to holiday, then where should one zip off too. Well, suit your style. If you like the sun and the sand, then beaches and resorts are perfect for you. Staying at these outstanding hotels is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The best hotels have one thing in common. They have the best in everything be it food or service.
If you want to know why they made it to the list, then read on, folks.

1. Nayara Springs, Costa Rica

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The beauty and gracious hospitality of Nayara Springs is spell-binding. The resort has newly built villas. They are so comfy and luxury-enticed that you will visit the place again and again. The tranquility in each villa is so seductive, that you are drawn to it. Its restaurants are worth mentioning. These are Loco Amor and Altamira. The food, music and the spa are the cynosure of the venue. The management has such an excellent staff, they are on their toes to assist the guests. Well, I am packing my bags for Nayara Springs.