Life Is Hard. So Why Not Make It Easier With These 20 Wacky And Genius Life Hacks.

Who doesn’t like a good life hack, huh ? They’re fun, time saving and make our already complicated lives a little bit easier. And once you discover that they are easy to use in our daily life, there’s simply no turning back.
From using toothpaste for curing pimples or to clean your car’s headlight, whether you are looking to un-shrink your woolens or removing other people from your photo albums, these 20 wacky yet equally efficient life hacks will make your life a lot simpler from this day forward.

1. Using Toothpaste For Your Pimples

Sometimes, a pimple can pop up at the most unexpected times, such as before a big date, or a important meeting. But your days of worrying are over now, and there’e something that we all have that should take care of that nasty pimple. Just apply some toothpaste over the affected area and rinse after 2 hours and say goodbye to them forever.

Weird But Useful Hacks
Weird But Useful Hacks