Lexxie Harford's Bruise Is Something That Will Shock You!

“Nobody is perfect” is what they say, but what they forget to mention is how imperfection and perfection is defined. Well, to be true, perfection can be regarding to various aspects, may they be physical, mental, or social. But the thing that hits the eye is a physical imperfection, if it does exist in some person. And due to this first hand disadvantage, the person carrying the abnormality has to suffer a lot. Take this woman for example.

Lexxie Harford would stop putting make-up on her birth mark, which is often confused with being a bruise.

Lexxie Harford, a 24-year resident of U.K. who now is trying to help others with skin conditions, was once asked to appear on the TV shows, “Too Ugly For Love?” and “The Undateables” because of her birthmark.