Lessons From Sharukh Khan – The King Of Bollywood

Sharukh Khan, Image Source: Pinterest
Sharukh Khan, Image Source: Pinterest

We all have had our set of failures and our definition of how to go through life’s hassles.

But this is one man who went through everything and still made it big. He is an inspiration to billion people around the world. We are not talking about his films, but it is Shahrukh an orphaned boy from delhi who has set a real example of living life of his dreams. So what do you learn from him ? Scroll down and discover lessons that we think you should learn from the Bollywood Mega Star’s life :

1. Follow Your Dreams

Image Credit: hindustantimes.com

If there is one person who personifies greatness, it is this man. An ordinary orphaned Delhi Boy coming to the city of dreams and ruling the film industry in India is not shot of a disney fairy tale. Times have changed, he has become wealthier but the one thing he has taught us is to chase our dreams with conviction and zeal.

2. Embrace Your Strengths

King Of Bollywood Sharukh Khan
Image Credit: Bizasialive

I remember an interview of Khan form the 90’s with a well renowned journalist. He was quoted saying when asked about how he was handling new found success, he replied ” If I had been arrogant I would have been so right when I was my mom’s favorite”.

One thing which has remained constant about the actor is his belief in himself. Many people did not believe in his potential at that time, but nobody can question his stardom or acting skills. This is the kind of attitude which makes all the difference in life.

3. Never Stop Experimenting

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If you look at his career graph he is the most versatile performer of the industry. Despite his commercial success he has not shied away from doing ground breaking roles ( Swades, Chak De !, My Name Is Khan). There is no constant formula for success. But one must learn that we need to creatively experiment in order to explore ourselves. This is what the king of Bollywood has taught us.

4. It is Never too Late-  So Don’t Give Up

crowd in front of Bollywood star SRK's residence
Crowd in front of Bollywood star SRK’s residence, Image Source: PropTiger

We all have had our set of failures and disappointments. This man is no exception. Before he made it big into Bollywood he had faced severe depression and unemployment. But one thing that made all the difference is not giving up. He held on to gloomy days, until he did not become a raging success !

5. Treat Your Woman Like A Queen

Shahrukh and Gauri
Shahrukh and Gauri, Image Source: India Today

If there is something which keeps this Bollywood superstar grounded, it has to be Gauri. There is no better example in the industry than Shah Rukh Khan himself. He is someone who respects his relationship with his childhood love Gauri and also makes it a point that he treats his wife life a queen !

6. Family Comes First

Sharukh Famiy
Sharukh Famiy

If there is one person in Bollywood who can take the tag of being a family person, it is Shahrukh. The actor despite his busy life makes sure that he gives his time to his children and wife. This is something to learn for people who complain of having a busy life.

7.  It is okay to have your own set of lows

Sharukh Khan
Image Source: IndiaGlitz

He is some one who does not run after success but in his own words he has spent his life to overcome failures. It does say a lot about the fact that this unbeatable Bollywood heart throb has had his set of lows.

8. Never forget your roots

Sharukh Khan
Image Source: OBN

He is a man who made a difference, and became a brand in Bollywood. But what sets him apart from other actors and star kids is that he is someone who clearly remembers his roots. When asked about his success mantra he fondly remembers what his mother had taught him in his early years. (isn’t that so cute !)

9. Just keep going on even when you do not see the results

We all see his success and stardom. But there is so much more that goes into making it big. He is someone who has constantly worked day in and day out to be known as the bollywood brand that he is today. Even when he was criticized for his choices, he has been able to add value in the form of projects like Ra.One (for vfx), Swades and My Name Is Khan.

10.  Know How to Market Yourself

SRK as Don, Image credit: hindustantimes.com
SRK as Don, Image credit: hindustantimes.com

Not essentially films, but he is known to have mastered the craft of marketing himself.

You might be working very hard but at the end of the day it is important that people recognize your work. So whether it is business or movies, it is very important to market yourself.

11. Perform from the Core Of Your Heart

Sharkh on Stage Performing, Image Source: Daily Mail

He is the highest grossing Bollywood Entity Overseas. The reason why he has won admiration of people from so many countries is because he is someone who performs from the core of his heart.

You might not be a movie star like him, but you too should pursue anything you due with your heart and soul.

12.  Harbor your emotional side too

Facing emotional turbulences is part of growing up. SRK is one Bollywood star who has never shied away from showing his emotional side. After all emotions can act as great catalysts for you to respond to change and pursuing your vision. This is one of the most precious life lesson, if there is something that this Bollywood biggie has taught us !

13. Endure Failures but do not settle for less

Shahrukh Khan For Tag Heuer

This is the mantra for success, you cannot avoid failures but you can endure them. Shah Rukh is someone who had started from the bottom and he surely never settled for less. This Delhi Boy came to the city of dreams to make it big. And he did not disappoint, he constantly worked to achieve excellence. And this worked wonder for him. This is a worthy lesson for anyone who aspires to make it big.

14. There is no age for you to stop learning !

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan receives an honorary degree from the University of Edinburgh
Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan receives an honorary degree from the University of Edinburgh

He has turned 50, but his yearning to acquire more knowledge does not seem to stop. He recently received a doctorate from the University Of Edinburgh, Scotland. This Bollywood star shared his life experience and lessons he learnt at his commencement speech. This is a very endearing trait about him. He teaches us that there is no age to stop learning.

15. You can forever be young at heart

Sharukh Khan The Super Star

There are some people whose charm refuses to wither out with age. He is that one person, for whom this statement stands true. It is an evident fact that you become what you most reflect by your thinking. No wonder SRK has a female fan following bigger than young guns like Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor. All thanks to his forever young at heart attitude. Whenever he opens his arms and does his signature stance, hearts will melt. That is what we love about him.
We sure know that this Bollywood Super Star is larger than life. He is one of the most inspiring people. He literally started from scratch, but his unique mindset and personality made sure that he left a mark. For awesome posts keep visiting our website. Do leave us your comments and keep the word a buzz by sharing.

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