Knowingly Or Unknowingly You May Be 'Phobic'? Check Out These 10 Bizarre Phobias That Exist!

1. Xanthophobia

If you know somebody who loathes or fears the colour yellow then he may be Xanthophobic. I guess no more bananas for him. Xanthophobes may panic even at the thought of the colour yellow. Strange, isn’t it?

2. Omphalophobia

Are you acquainted with anyone who runs in the opposite direction when a hottie in a bikini approaches near them? Well he may be Omphalophobic.  It’s the fear of the navel. Seriously? Yup!



3. Genophobia

Do you know how the ‘forever virgin’ phrase came into existence? Well, thanks to Genophobia, which is the fear of sexual relations. People affected by Genophobia seldom get into any intimate relationships and hence leading a very lonesome life. Sigh!

4. Heliophobia

Sounds like a vampire tale?  Right? Heliophobes owe their fear of sunlight or bright lights to a strange notion that somehow they will contract skin cancer. So they seldom step out of their houses during the day, keep the blinds on at all times, and keep their entire bodies covered with clothes.



5. Apotemnophobia

Did you want to run out of the bar when that amputee walked in? Did the amputee’s presence make you so uncomfortable that you almost felt like you were going to pass out? If yes, then I guess,you may be Apotemnophobic. It’s the fear of amputees, or of amputations.



6. Allodoxaphobia

Seems like most politicians are victims of Allodoxaphobia. It’s the ones fear of opinions. People with fear of opinions phobia live in constant anxiety of hearing people’s opinions about themselves. Does earplugs help? Maybe!



7. Dextrophobia

“Hey Joe! Why do you keep all of your stuff on the left side of your bedroom?” “I am Dextrophobe!” he said.  The opposite of Dextrophobia is Levophobia, which is the fear of objects at the right side of the body.



8. Scriptophobia 

Well if you ask someone to write down your phone number and they decline, well they may be a scriptophobic – i.e. fear of writing in public. Often Scriptophobia is a result of a person’s low esteem.

9. Francophobia

Well if you are Francophobic then I guess you are not booking your honeymoon hotel in France. It’s the fear of the French people or the French culture. Francophobia is also known by Gallophobia.

10. Coulrophobia

Are clowns funny? Oh! You find them funny? Excellent! How about you watch the movie The Dark Knight and then let us know of your sentiments for the clowns? You may turn into a Coulrophobic after you have watched the movie. Coulrophobia is the fear of the clowns.