Know The Unknown : 10 Inventions That Were Wrongly Credited To The Kitty Of Others

What would be your reaction if someone takes the credits of your laborious works. I know its frustrating and heart breaking, but believe me there are such people who contented themselves as the inventors of the discoveries executed by others. These people came into limelight and became sensation a reputed folks in the world and those who were real had to stay put their efforts and lived a normal life. This sapient community may not be alive today but their souls might be screaming somewhere to get the respect and affection of the world.
Its time to pay our tributes to these intellectual clans who really made our life smooth with their extraordinary creations.

iPod’s charismatic guy (Kane Kramer)

Kane Kramer

The man behind this stunning gadget is Kane Kramer and not the engineering team of Apple . Kramer then 23 years old developed a device which was able to store 3+ minutes of music on a chip. He filed for worldwide patent for his invention. In a statement he said that he got huge orders for his product from music business companies but due to dirty office politics he was unable to get the patent. A truly deserved man.

Automobile monarch (Karl Benz)

Karl Benz

Henry ford is known as the father of automobile and he is still remembered for his Ford world, but did you know that the actual guy behind this was Karl Benz. In 1879 he exhibited the first gasoline powered automobile way, before Henry ford came out with his Ford Quadricycle. Moreover, comparing cars of today his design was basic and with passage of time it became better. In 1900 the first real automobile was developed by Wilhelm Maybach.