They Walked Into Her House When She Was All Alone. She Protected Herself By Doing This

The pair of skeezburgers glared at me for a second and then one of them says, ‘There she is’. The other one said, ‘Yep

Here is another creepy story for our loyal readers. Why do we post creepy stories? Well, for one, being freaked out is a wonderful feeling to break the monotony of life. Second, it prepares us beforehand for the uncertainty in life. When you are in midst of a freaky story, the situation becomes all the more interesting. It’s also dangerous when you are a part of it. So here’s a first person account of a girl who was all alone at home when something eerie happened.
“I was fifteen or sixteen when this incident happened. There was a time when I was all alone at home. Two skeezburgers freaked me out.

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We had a broken down refrigerator which was playing silly every other day. So my father decided to do away with it. He ordered a new refrigerator. But he made a grave error. He asked it to be delivered the day, he and my mother weren’t at home. Even my brother had gone out. He HAD to tell the servicing agency that I was all alone at home. You wouldn’t give away such facts, but I think it is more of a common sense issue. Or maybe he thought I was old enough to take care of myself.
So, the day of delivery arrives. I hear a knock at the door. I look out of the peephole and then I see, it is indeed the refrigerator guys. So I open the door. I was taken aback. These guys were total skeezburgers. I think they only had seven teeth in between the two of them. Pretty much like the slimy zombies you see in the movies. I looked again at their rotten faces. They both hadn’t showered for days, altogether, or it could be a month. I was deeply petrified.
So as I said, I opened the door. The pair of skeezburgers glared at me for a second and then one of them says, ‘There she is’. The other one said, ‘Yep’.

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They then proceed to chuckle between themselves and prepared to come inside my house without the fridge. I braced myself to tackle the situation.
Luckily, I had asked my boyfriend to help me handle the delivery. My knight in shining armour reached before they could cross the threshold. He said, ‘Good the fridge is here.’
The goons then reluctantly walked back to the pickup truck to get the refrigerator, all the while muttering and cursing under their breaths with scowls on their faces. I was almost raped at the cost of deliverance.”
So guys and gals, beware of the creepy delivery guys. Always be careful before you open the door.