Ken Jeong's Wife Got Cancer – Her Only Wish, For Him To Fulfill His Dream

As dreamy and heartwarming as this may sound this is an absolutely true story. And no spoilers ahead, it had a very happy ending too. We are talking about Ken Jeong. He was regular doctor before he made it big into hollywood. You must be familiar with his work from movies such as in the 2009 biggie – The Hangover. The 45 year old actor recent revealed that his wife struggling with cancer was the reason he auditioned for his hilarious part in The Hangover movie.

Ken Jeong Hangover
His Hilarious Part In The Hangover Movie

Ken Jeong was going through a very low phase in his life, He was not only taking care of his ailing wife but he also had to raise his twins, who were less than an year old. We know family is a person’s biggest strength and also the biggest weakness. This is one example.
mgid-ao-image-mtv Ken Jeong
MTV Award Winner

According to the actor, his wife pushed him to go for the role at that time and he made it. Interestingly many people know only his status as the famous actor comedian and not many knew what went at the backdrop. His wife was literally struggling with her life and Ken was left with a home and two little infants to take care of. This lead to a lot of anger and frustration which changed him a lot.
ken jeong family
His Family In present Days

As he became angry and furious all the time, it was the time that his wife came t his rescue. This is when Mrs. Jeong as the great woman she was, adviced him to pursue his long lost dream of becoming a comedian, If it were not for his wife he would have never dared to leave his regular job as a physician. He described his wife as a pillar of strength.
Ken Jeong-2015-03-20-at-1.59.32-PM_800x449
His Cancer Ridden Wife – 6 years Back

He even exclaimed “She’s my biggest inspiration because she handled it with such grace and strength and class. Even if I wasn’t married to her, I’d be in awe of her.” This incident speaks a million about how much a woman can go far to support the man of his life and also how destiny can force you to resume your path.
pain-and-gain-2013-hollywood-premiere-ken jeong
The Couple

We are also in amazement of the fact that it is never too late to follow your dreams. 6 years down the line his wife is now living a normal life, and has been freed of cancer.. As the actor received the MTV movie awards, he gave an emotional speech. He confessed that the couple just came to knew that his wife was free of cancer after treatment. So as fate would have it, everything turned out as a blessing for this couple. Very Touching Indeed.
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