Nagpur New Traffic Strategy For Motorists

You know summer is here when you can see the temperatures rising high, hot burning air and people bathed in sweat. In major metropolitan cities of India, people are suffering as commuting from one place to another in this heat has become an uphill task.
Amongst the hottest cities, Nagpur is the one which has already touched 44 degree Celsius. It seems to have come up with a great solution to provide the Two wheeler riders with some respite.

Commuters in the hot and humid Nagpur

The Nagpur municipal corporation has come up with this creative idea of providing the riders cool green shades just before the traffic signals so they can avoid the burning sun rays for some time and have rest until the signals goes green.
Green shades of tarpaulin covering the traffic over the signal have already been installed in various parts of the city.
Green tarpaulin shades over the traffic signals

Incidentally this turned out to be win – win situation for the authorities and the public. What action was taken to just provide the traffic shelter has turned out to be a successful move in stopping the Traffic signals breakers.
According to the reports there is a drastic decrease in the number of people jumping the traffic signals.
Decrease in the number of signal jumpers

Motorists are preferring to wait under the green shades rather than commuting in burning temperature until the light goes on green.
The authority wills soon implement this green shade scheme to all the congested areas of the city which indeed will be a boon for the motorists in such hot summer.
This should be a inspiration for other metros of India

This is indeed an impressive idea to not only beat the summer but reduce the traffic violating people. Well this is something we need in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.
All we can say is Good Job Nagpur.