Jaden Smith Has Shocked Hollywood With This

Will Smith is one of the popular stars in Hollywood. His celeb son, Jaden Smith, has been named one of the most important youngsters in USA. But what is shocking is that Jaden Smith has a different take on life than everybody else. He is just seventeen and the kind of maturity he shows is staggering. Here are a few of the Jaden-isms for you.

Jaden Smith
He Thinks A Lot

What Jaden Smith Has To Say About Life

1. He Says He Isn’t Interested In This Materialistic World


Jaden Smith
Ain’t Interested In Money And Fame

2. He’s Ecstatic That He’s Born

Life is the most important thing for him. He says being born was the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to him. After all, this has given him a chance to do his own thing. He revels the life he’s got.

Jaden Smith
He’s Feels Great That He’s Born

4. Criticism Has Made Him Stronger

He doesn’t get bothered by criticism. He says it makes him more focused on his goals.

Jaden Smith
Criticism Has Made Him Stronger

5. He Wishes To Spark A Revolution

He doesn’t aspire to be somebody important, but believes he’s not less important either. In fact, he wishes this helps him to change the world for better. He says,”I am not as revolutionary as Galileo, but I don’t think I am any less than Galileo.”

Jaden Smith
He Wishes To Spark A Revolution

6. Jaden Will Leave The Society Once And For All In The Next Ten Years

No, he will not become a monk, but you need to scroll down to understand what he plans to do next in life.

Jaden Smith
He Will Leave In The Next Ten Years

7. He Wants To Go Incognito By Thirty

He said that by the time he turns thirty, he would completely disappear from the public life and then devote his whole life to his mettle and endeavours.

Jaden Smith
He’ll Go Incognito By Thirty

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