ISIS Leader Ranked in Time's Top 5.

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Time Magazine has crowned the 61 year old Lutheran German Chancellor, Angela Merkel as the 2015’s Person of the Year. Second on the list was the self-proclaimed Caliph, Middles-East’s terror king, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Donald Trump, the controversial anti-Muslim Republican candidate had to settle with third position. Black Lives Matter, the new civil social rights movement backed fourth position followed by the Iranian Shiite leader Hassan Rouhani. On the other hand Barnie Sanders, Democratic Presidential candidate won the online poll, closely followed by Taliban survivor and girls’ education activist, Malala Yousafzai. The current Pope of Roman Catholic church, Pope Francis finished third in the online race. Make in India charm, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, was seventh with 2.9% online vote share but failed to impress the selectors this year.

1.Angela Merkel

The trained quantum chemist turned politician spent much of her early life in East Germany’s town of Templin. 1961’s division of the Berlin had a profound effect on her. Merkel learned the resilient ways of life while living in the East. 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of Merkel as the Chancellor of Germany and the de facto leader of the European Union. The stateswoman’s incredible dual-strike saved European Union’s long going legacy.
This frantic year doubted the very existence of Euro. The currency exercised by 19 nations was put to a risk by scandalous single member, Greece. Greece was almost thrown out for its extravagant debts unless “Merkeling” came into effect; the incumbent lumbering signature of Madame Chancellor resolved the issue and bailed out the ancient estate.
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Second was the tumultuous opening of German doors, to the distressed refugee troops from Iraq and Levant. This audacious act ruptured opposition and critics worldwide. By the end of 2015 a sum of 1 million asylum seekers are expected in Germany. When Europe’s wealthiest nation showed sympathy to escapees of Mosul and Aleppo, the whole continent had to accommodate a few. She truly deserves to be called as the “Chancellor of the free World” and The Person of the Year.

2.Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi                                                                                                                      abu bark baghdadi

The Burgeoning muezzin of terror and death, the radical Sunni fanatic, an ex-captive of notorious Camp Bucca, Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badri popularly known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Leader the Daesh or Islamic State. IS is an Islamist extremist organization that adheres to Wahhabi doctrine of Sunni Islam. This horrifying franchisee has claimed hundreds of innocent lives in mosques, Cafes, beaches, stadiums and more from Paris to Beirut, from Sinai to San Bernardino.
paris times
The man has threatened democracies and forced them to act swiftly. Paris attacks made France declare a three month state of emergency and broadening police powers by amending constitution. At least thousand fighters are liquidated in this death game every month; many of which are suicide bombers. Baghdadi is estimated to pull a mammoth sum total of $79 million per month from his unlawful ventures including oil and gas, confiscation, taxes and electricity.
Isis times
Al-Baghdadi’s astounding magnetism has hypnotized innumerable populace to pledge allegiance to ISIS. In spite of having super-powerful enemies like the U.S led coalition, Kurdish militias, France, Russia, Bashar Assad’s regime and the Shiite Iran; the Self-Proclaimed Caliph still holds a prominent position in the Battleground.

3. Donald Trump

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, United States, July 18, 2015. REUTERS/Jim Young - RTX1KTWT
The American tycoon, Television personality, author and most importantly republican candidate for President of United States in 2016 presidential election, Mr Donald John Trump is undoubtedly the most contentious contestant. His vague promises of “bombing the Sh*t” out of Islamic State”, embezzling oil from disputed Syrian territory and then selling it via American companies was no way close to his Anti-Muslim statements.
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His outrageous call for complete shut down for all Muslims entering United States unless country’s representatives sought a resolution was furiously condemned globally. He believes the whole Muslim race endorse Jihad and hates America. “They have taken over Paris and destroyed it, Wait until you see what happens to Germany” was his remark on Europe Muslim immigration, especially retaliating against Merkel’s cry out to eastern refugees. The billionaire’s “Make America Great Again” badge includes anti-Islam, anti-immigration laws; he even questioned President Barack Obama’s proof of citizenship.
The right winger’s Muslim loathing and no to immigrants is surprisingly not affecting his campaign, as his polling percentage has risen from 4% in June to lofty 29% in December.

4. Black Lives Matter

American African community has a history of numerous power-backed uprisings. The latest that gained momentum actually began accidentally in 2013. George Zimmerman was acquitted in the killing of a Black unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin, who was shot during struggled confrontation. Zimmerman’s acquittal scandalized once again American Law system and fumed massive protests with Hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.
A man raises his arms at a rally during the National Action Network National March Against Police Violence in Washington
In 2015, Black Lives Matter boomed from a mere protest cry to an unfeigned political force. Police officials were bulldozed from duties, college campuses were turned into chambers of social seethe where rallies were held. A system President of University of Missouri, Tim Wolfe, had to step down following hunger strikes and demonstrations by Black Lives Matter.
black lives
Black Lives Matter along with other influential civil right organization, LGBT, worked together to highlight the killings of Black Transgender Women recently. The movements trumpet run came in the town of Baltimore. When police officers were charged after a series of demonstrations, in connection with murder of Freddie Gray, who died in custody. The Black Lives matter maintains it’s preeminence as it stresses on gender, identity and social in-equality.

5. Hassan Rouhani

Iranians hand-picked the most moderate candidate in the presidential election of 2013. Times addressed Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, as “The Deal-maker”. The “Deal-maker” president desires to refurbish relations with U.S on his own terms, says, Embassies will re-open if America revise its policies, apologize to Iranians for its howlers, starts behaving, and “good things can surely happen”. Rouhani emerges as a Herald of Iran’s complex political Algebra that dares to marshal the Islamic Republic and its commerce with the world.
Iranian President-elect Hassan Rohani gestures to the media during a news conference in Tehran
Rouhani’s land-slide victory and close connections with Ali Khamenei, Iran’s spiritual and temporal commander legitimized the countries historic nuclear deal. Mohammad Javed Zarif, led the bench of negotiators that bargained with U.S and others over the deal. Israel and U.S’s antagonism failed to shut the deal.
nuclear deal
Iran is eminently caught in the proxy-war fought in Yemen and Syria. The Shiite Iran’s allies are Russia, Syrian regime and Hezbollah (the Shia radical group), and the opposition led by Sunni Saudi Arabia, Israel and the furious ISIS. Once again the clash is supposedly between two ideologies or the two sects of Islam; Shia and Sunni. In-spite of U.S’s continuous aversion, Rouhani’s quality diplomatic ties with flourishing and bulky India has given him enormous self-assurance and belief that made him fifth in the list.