Is Your Partners' BFF Being The Third Wheel? Here Are Some Tips To Eject Them!

BFF, everyone has one, and most people have them from the opposite sex. But when BFF starts to get involved in your relationship, and works as a third wheel, jealousy, insecurity and fights are evident.
The BFF might be yours, or your partners’, you can easily turn down your own to save your relation but if your partners’ is being a trouble, you’ll need these tips to make life merrier!

Never Panic your partner

Making them choose from either of you, not a good move, they will choose you but, NO. This will make you get your partner back but this is not the solution, not the one which will last long.

Put Yourself in their shoes

Do you think it is actually causing that much of trouble? Do you trust your partner and you believe they’ll cheat you?

Question your insecurities

Why are you being bothered, is it because he/she is better looking? Your partner chose you, so not much of questions to be asked.

Calm down and think, do you really doubt your partner?

Sometime, you know the answer is NO but you still need to calm your mind and bring it on the right track!

Befriend them

This is the best way out, if you befriend them, you know what actually is going between the two. You might get a better understanding of their friendship and it is possible that it is purely it!

Do not act cold with them

This makes you look bitchy and nosy. It will only make things worse, handle with complete care and wittiness (unnoticed).

Make A Genuine attempt to know them two, together

You might end up having them on your side and this can be a boost up for your relationship.

Inquire with a trusted friend

Pick a friend of your partners’, be sure they like you two (together) more than the third wheel and is one to keep secrets. They might enlighten you with something to resolve your lump of insecurities.

Call them over for ladies lunch date or over a drink (for guys)

This will help you know them better and also, this will make you relationship with your partner stronger.

Talk, Not argue but talk with your partner

The last resort would be, having a hearty conversation with your partner and making them realize how you feel. Do not take this option until all of the above ones fail. Make it a point, its a talk, don’t argue.