Is It Just Me Who Got To Hear These Annoying Things After Graduation Or It Is With Everyone..

I am a graduate now!!!!! The moment people around you come know about this, be it your parents, relatives,cousins, neighbours,everyone automatically becomes the most concerned person of your life that moment and you are left wondering … DUDE?? I existed since a very long time. But wait, that’s not where stuff ends.With you stepping out of your college and becoming a graduate,these people around don’t only appear suddenly but yeah with them also comes a list of things called SUGGESTIONS/ADVICE/ETC ETC ….
So let’s take a look at few of them-

1.Finally Bade hogaye tum (Finally you’ve grown up)

8iAEyg78TOh my God, graduate han, finally tum bade hogaye. You have grown so big and you inside your mind are like? WHAT?? Does my graduation makes you realize I’ve grown? Like seriously?? How does my graduation degree serves as a proof of me being a grown up? LOL. These people I tell you!

2.Aage ka kya socha hai? (What next?)

I just did my graduation dude!!!! But wait according to these people aage ke plans ki discussion (further plans discussion) becomes so freaking important. They suddenly become so curious about your further plans making you hell annoyed, like seriously!!!!

3. Now you should settle

Now is the perfect time you should settle and you are like AHAN? Seriously? WOW!!! Million dollar advice. Do you like ,charge for it? Or I am the lucky one who is being given free advice. BBLLAAHHH!!!

4.Research Karo Beta Aage Ke liye (Do research for future)

Mother And Teenage Son Arguing On Sofa At Home
You need to research about future prospects and options available.Your reaction? OMG I never knew we are supposed to research about options. WOW, you are super intelligent and me? Blah, just a graduate right? HUH.

5.Shaadi Ki Umar hogayi Ab toh (Attained marriageable age)

Talking about graduating and forgetting the SHAADI KI UMAR WALA DIALOGUE? NO,NO,NEVER.
I somehow could never understand the logic and relationship between graduation and marriage, but somehow this dialogue is always present in some form or the other. Goosh.

6.When I was your age dialogue

When I was your age I was so serious about my career,my ambitions, I was so clear you know about my life and its goals and blah blah blah.
I believe it’s somehow mandatory specifically for parents and relatives to give their “I WAS YOUR AGE LECTURE”. I don’t really know if it has ever done good to us. LOL

7.Job or no job?

ABCFamily_Upfront_ShowLogo_JobOrNoJob-2Job or no job? How can anyone around resist this question knowing that you graduated?LOL
Job or no question is like MUFT!MUFT!MUFT! (Free!Free!Free!) with your graduation degree.