Ways To Initiate Intimacy With Your Partner

Luring your husband into the bed for intimacy might sometimes be awkward, especially after you have been in a little of a fight! The situation might just worsen up if both of you have been back from your office, but still the instinct of spending those special moments is burning inside of you! But don’t worry and wait no more. A few tips that can surely help you initiate Intimacy with your husband have been mentioned below. And if you think that why should you be the one asking for that spark and why not him, then it must be stated that nowhere has it been said that women should be the only one to do so! Men should also put in their efforts for the same, but this topic focuses on the women class.
10. Be actively charged

Intimacy: Charged
Always be active!

Don’t ask questions or make statements like, “Hey! Do you wanna?” or “It’s been a long time, let’s spare a few minutes!” while lying in the bed with your husband. Instead, get him in the right frame, set the mood accordingly, and let him have the time of his life. Asking these monotonous questions will simply kill the mood.
9. Don’t think excessively
Intimacy: Don't think too much
Thinking too much won’t help!

Thinking straight instead of beating around the bush will also be of great help. It is normally envisioned that thoughts like “Isn’t it too late for Intimacy?” or “What if the kids wake up?” or “Do I really need it today?” won’t help. Instead, just ask yourself ONCE if you want it, and simply go for it!
8. Let your embarrassment fly away!
Intimacy: Don't be embarrassed
Why should you be embarrassed for wanting sex?

Many women are of the view that liking intimacy is not a healthy deed for their character. They have been raised with a misconception that Intimacy is a bad thing. So in order to clarify, all people on this Earth’s surface have been gifted with a $ex drive, and thus, asking for it is not at all wrong.