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Inspiring Story Of China’s Basketball Girl

Meet Qian Hongyan! She is a 20 year old girl from China and without legs. At age 4, she was hit by a truck due to which her legs had to be amputated.

Due to poverty her parents could not get her prosthetic legs and so Qian learned to mange things without legs.

She uses a half-cut basketball to balance herself and move around. Her village folks call her the “basketball girl”.

Qian Hongyan

One day someone took Qian’s photos moving around with her basketball. These photos of the basketball girl got viral and someone after seeing those photos helped Qian finance her artificial limbs. So finally Qian got prosthetic legs.

Qian Hongyan

The Basketball Girl Becomes A Champion Swimmer

Qian then joined a disabled swimming club and became an excellent swimmer. She went on to win multiple gold medals in many competitions. Qian now wishes to become an athlete in the para Olympics for China. Her coach and other people who know her are sure she will definitely achieve her dream.

The Basketball Girl

We are proud of you Qian! You do have a long way to go!

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