OMG!!! Pokemon Game Got Banned In Saudi Arabia – The Reason Is Even More Shocking!!

Here is a list of gruesome, offensive and unbefitting content which got the games famous for all the wrong reasons and even got banned. Some of these games were so graphic that the censor boards refused to rate them and some of them got removed of the shelves due to their harmful impact in the society. Follow this post and take a look on infamous games that got banned :

1. Grand Theft Auto Series


Source : Central Park Gang Wars

Banned in Kuwait, Brazil and Australia

This Rock-star franchise – Grand Theft Auto series allows the players to roam around in a fictional setting based on real American cities (LA, Miami etc). The game uses offensive and obscene humor, and the extreme violence in the series has also invited a fair share of controversies. The first GTA game was banned in Brazil due to similar reasons, and GTA San Andreas was banned in Australia when a hot coffee MOD was discovered in the game which allowed players access to an  adult interactive mini-game.

2. The Harvester


Source : Giant Bomb

Banned in Germany

This game has garnered a cult following due to the absurdity of violence. This game has poor quality graphics and voice acting. The game includes high impact violence and graphic gore including a scene in which a mother is killed and devoured (eaten) by her children. Germany has banned this game from distributions and it has not been reviewed in the country so far.

3. Postal 2


Source ; Beyond Unreal

Banned in New Zealand and Australia

Postal 2 was created to be purposely have over the top violence. The game houses every stereotypes possible, including the depictions of Muslims as terrorists who resemble Osama Bin Laden and homosexuals as girly prancing men. It even shows policemen to be violent and corrupt. Players can murder, dismantle and even pee on people walking around the streets. New Zealand and Australia banned the game from being possessed or sold for the same reasons.

4. Bully


Source : IGN

Banned in Brazil
Bully is an another Rock-star game in which the protagonists engages in notorious activities, this time in a boarding school. Although this game offers much less in terms of violence and crime. The game was banned in Brazil following a report of social psychologist which advised that this game was inappropriate and could have an adverse impact on teenagers. UK also attempted to ban the game or later instructing it to reclassify its rating. A handful of distributors in the country refused to even sell the game as they thought it did not go with their family friendly image.

5. Homefront


Source ; Hostile Contact

Banned in South Korea
The game is based in a chaotic set up where the North Korean regimen enters and  helds the US citizens captive. The game is a work of fiction and even got praise for its frightening portrayal of the North Korean dystopian regime including a scene in which a child witnesses his parents being murdered by the Korean soldiers with the heartbreaking cries echoing in the player’s ear throughout the game. South Korea banned the game fearing any military action by offending its neighbor country.

6. Carmageddon


Source : Ocean Of Games

Banned in Brazil, UK

The game depicts a lot of violence and bloodshed. In this game, player earns points based on how many civilians they can run over. The depiction of mutilated body parts showering blood on the screen was considered disturbing. Brazil banned the game for blunt violence and the UK  board even refused to rate the game. A censored version featuring zombies instead of humans was later released in England.

7. Wolfeinstein 3 D

Source : Play Fire

Banned in Germany

It is considered a classic in the first person shooter games. The gamers are allowed to play as an outright special agent who is set on to destroy the Nazi regime and its chemical testing departments. The player encounters enemies such as the Nazi soldiers, officers and biologically engineered super soldiers. After the second world war Germany banned the use of Nazi symbols and gestures and due to the existing laws in their nation the game had to be automatically banned.

8. Soldier of Fortune : Payback


Source : Game Spot

Banned in Australia and Germany

This is the third installment of the Soldier of fortune series. This is a revenge story where the main protagonist is set out on a mission of vengeance to avenge the act of betrayal on his job. The game features extreme gore, allowing the members to cut off the heads of enemies, ripping off their body parts sending pieces of flesh flying across and showing bloodshed on screen. The game was refused a rating in Australia and subsequently banned in Germany.


9. Mortal Kombat


Source ; Game Spot

Banned in Australia

The game is a arcade action combat game famous for its brutal and violent stream of fight sequences. It was one of the most violent games of 1990’s, this game is the reason why governments suggested that a board should be set up in every country for monitoring rating of the games. The game resorts to brutal and cold blooded depictions of life like fighters in the game. The 9th part of the game was finally banned in Australia in 2010 after 18 years of controversies with a refused rating.

10. Pokemon


Banned in Saudi Arabia
This is rather an innocent and harmless game on this list, the game was banned in Saudi Arabia by the highest religious authority in the country – The Grand Mufti. The religious organization issued a “fatwa” (order) against the entire Pokemon franchise, for the use of gambling (exchanging of Pokemon’s). Also claiming that it promotes Zionism (Jewish Practice of creation of states) during the game-play.

11. Battlefield 3


Source : ge force

Banned in Iran
The game features a fictional plot line in which the US assaults and evades the capital city or Iran. The Electronics Art game has angered the Government in the nation of Iran who have declared this game illegal in the country. Their main concern was the depiction of Iran as a state which is to be feared, they also felt that the US was trying to defame Iran internationally.
Well these were a few game which caught our attention which have been banned in various nations on the accounts of extreme violence, gore and adult content. If this list features any of your favorite games do let us know and if we missed out on any major bans, leave the game title names in the comment box.