India's 'Plastic Man' and His Incredible Innovation


India's Plastic Man
India’s Plastic Man

You may be very fond of Super Man, Iron Man, Bat Man, but these are virtual superheroes. A hero in real life is difficult to find. We feel proud to reveal that India has found one, the Plastic Man. R Vasudevan, a Madurai-based chemistry professor of Thiagarajar College of Engineering, has invented an innovative method to reuse plastic waste for the construction of roads which are more durable and cost-effective.
According to Vasudevan, every cottage or hut is full of plastic materials and your can’t prevent them from using it. So there has to be an appropriate utilization of the rising plastic waste and roads have definitely become a very good substitute because it consumes a large amount of plastic materials and at the same time, it is simple in terms of technology also.
Plastic Road
Plastic Road

Unfortunately, his achievement was not duly recognized or appreciated by the Indian government. Instead, now Netherlands is testing his patented technology to construct roads. In this technique, plastic waste is moulded using blue metal into pre-fabricated bricks. The technique will not only help reuse the unwanted plastic waste but also reduce the time taken for constructing roads. The roads made with plastic will show much high resistance to water during rains.
The construction and maintenance costs will be lower as compared to asphalt roads, as plastic will be used, which lightens the surface load and is more durable. Another main advantage of plastic roads will be that they are hollow, which makes it easier to insert and allow cables and utility pipelines below the surface of the road.
Prof Vasudevan
Prof Vasudevan

According to the news website The Guardian, the road will be constructed joining the sections made of plastic which can be prefabricated in a factory. These sections can be then easily and efficiently transported to the construction site due to light weight which reduces the on-site construction costs and time.

The idea has the potential to tackle the infrastructure and environmental problems faced by India. It is saddening that none of the media channels have tried to highlight this invention yet which is tailor-made for the country considering the rising need for the construction and maintenance of roads and the costs incurred in the process.

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